190- l’épuration de notre entendement
114 – une infinité d’attributs
151 – Thought is an attribute of God
169 – The idea constituting the actual being of the human mind is the idea of the body
028 – We perceive that a certain body is affected in many ways
035 – That bodies are not distinguished in respect of substance, is plain both from I.
027 -But the idea can exist without the presence of any other mode of thinking
026 – Modes of thinking, do not take place, unless there be in the same individual an idea of the thing loved.
036 – It is brought out still more clearly from I.
083 – the human body itself, and as actually existing, therefore the mind perceives thus far only the human body
095. Existence belongs to the nature of substances
101 – If a thing can be conceived as non-existing, its essence does not involve existence
061 – as the idea or knowledge of the human body
152 – The human body stands in need for its preservation of a number of other bodies, by which it is continually, so to speak, regenerates
155 – By particular things, I mean things which are finite and have a conditioned existence
158 – de l’origine et de la nature des sentiments
093 – The more reality or being a thing has, the greater the number of its attributes
043 – Man thinks