257- All bodies agree in certain respects
120 – Reality and perfection I use as synonymous terms
025 – Man thinks
016 – Substance absolutely infinite is indivisible
118 – the human mind must perceive all that takes place in the human body
239- l’union à l’être
003 – That which cannot be conceived through anything else must be conceived through itself
172 – The first part of this proposition is, I take it, self-evident
282. Duration is the indefinite continuance of existing
283. Reality and perfection I use as synonymous terms
260- Man thinks
014 – The more reality or being a thing has, the greater the number of its attributes
013 – There is necessarily for each individual existent thing a cause why it should exist
005 – The knowledge of an effect depends on and involves the knowledge of a cause
261- On the nature and origin of the mind
285. The human mind is the very idea or knowledge of the human body
143 – As finite existence involves a partial negation, and infinite existence is the absolute affirmation of the given nature, it follows that every substance is necessarily infinite
286. de la servitude humaine ou des forces des sentiments